LA via Burbank? Yes please!

As a former Angeleno and transplant to the area, I can confirm that when most people think of LA, they think of the beaches, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood bars and clubs. After living in the area for 8 years, I now know there is much, much more to Los Angeles. This includes the delicious tacos in East LA, trendy spots in Hollywood/Silverlake and Los Feliz and classic old school spots in Pasadena. I was lucky enough to go back to LA this past weekend with Alaska Air. Luckily they offer affordable fares via Burbank, a welcome alternative to LAX, and just as convenient to all the things you want to do.

As usual, my flight with Alaska Air  was smooth and easy. Being MVP, I got upgraded, which is always a plus, and the service is always excellent. The friendliest crew makes this trip even better. I could even see myself commuting on this route. It’s just THAT easy. The airport is small, rental cars are extremely accessible, and did I mention the flights are affordable?!

As soon as I landed in Burbank, I took a quick 20 minute drive into Hollywood, ready to get some sleep and hit the ground running in the morning. I stayed at the newly renovated and super cute Hollywood Hotel, which is close to everything I wanted to do on the east side.

I’m a sucker for anything Mediterranean style. So needless to say, this was like walking into heaven. Such a beautiful, lush courtyard…and that fountain!


Don’t forget to go to the pool. What else is more classic California?!

The room are gorgeously decorated. The wood floors, tiled bathroom and bedding details make the space. You can tell that lots of thought went into the decor, and those little things make you feel at home. I’m also obsessed with the doors that open into the sun drenched courtyard. Pretttttty sure I could move in here.

Of course I couldn’t come to LA and not eat all of the foods I’ve been craving. I had been dying to go to Jon & Vinny on Fairfax, one of my favorite areas in LA. The Italian menu is full of options, so you can’t really go wrong. But I had to try the famous spicy fusilli. I was not disappointed.


I did some shopping too… obviously!



I also went to the classic Langham Huntington Pasadena hotel, and wow, what a beautiful treat. We were treated to a classic Afternoon Tea, which I had never before experienced, and it was all I hoped for and more. The service was exceptional, the treats delicious, and the teas fragrant and unique. I chose the Silk Road (jasmine& rose) and my mom chose the lemon ginger. This was such a fun experience I would highly recommend.


When in Pasadena, don’t forget the Norton Simon Museum. While it’s not necessarily as widely known as other museums in the city, it still has some of the finest artwork, for only $15 admission price! I also think they still do a low student rate as well. If you want to see some of the most famous artists of all time, this is the place to go.




Those are my my favorite reasons to fly into Burbank and check out some hidden gems in the LA area. What are your favorite things to do in the area? Let me know in the comments below. As they say in Hollywood, that’s a wrap! See you next time, California!


2 thoughts on “LA via Burbank? Yes please!

  1. The Huntington Library in Pasadena is awesome, really amazing gardens. Wanted to tour the Gamble house when we were down that way but ran out of time. We toured downtown LA on foot which was a blast. Rode the restored Angel’s Flight cable car (very cool) and had lunch at Grand Central Market, and got a look at the Bradbury building. Very fun weekend trip!


  2. I definitely need to check out the library. I’ve heard so many great things. The Grand Central market is a lot of fun too. I love that you rode the Angel’s flight cable car! I need to do that as well as see the Bradbury building. So gorgeous! Thanks for your comments!


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